Halibut fishing with Seaflight Charters


HALIBUT are bottom fish that migrate into Kachemak Bay each spring. When young they look very much like normal fish with an eye on each side of their head. As halibut mature they flatten out and the eyes migrate to the top of the fish. Twenty pounders are considered the finest of eating by connoisseurs yielding a fine grain white meat (but a good 100 pound halibut will fill the freezer faster) HERRING ~ SQUID & OCTOPUS are commonly used to bait the mighty halibut. Catching is fun ~ reeling in can be a workout ~ getting the fish onboard can be wild and exciting The larger fish (generally females by the way) need shooting to subdue them. A harpoon is standard equipment on board Once tamed to submission a gaff is used to haul the fish where it is relegated to the fish box or the filleting knife

For freezing, packaging, and shipping see Homer Alaska Fish Processing

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